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Behold Torchlight, a fresh new Action RPG franchise developed by
Runic Games. Torchlight is being developed in Seattle team by a
veteran team composed of the designers and leads of projects like
Diablo, Diablo II, Mythos, and Fate. Relic Games team has spent many
years honing and evolving this unique style of gameplay.
The adventure is set in the mining settlement of Torchlight, a
boomtown founded on the discovery of rich veins of Ember - a rare and
mysterious ore with the power to enchant or corrupt all that it
contacts. This corruptive power may have dire consequences however,
and players set out into the nearby mountains and depths below to
discover the full extent of Ember�s influence on the civilizations
that have come before.
Players will choose from among three character classes, and venture
from the safety of the town of Torchlight into randomly generated
dungeon levels, with a huge variety of creepy monsters, endless
variations of loot to find, and quests to complete. The endless
randomization ensures a long-lived gameplay experience.
� Randomization - Our level layouts are randomly created, so each
adventure is unique. Monsters, treasures, puzzles, and items are also
different each time you embark on an adventure
� Easy, approachable interface - Torchlight is designed to be easy
to play right from the beginning. The intuitive interface gives
players easy access to a rich and varied world
� Retirement System - Once characters are sufficiently leveled up,
they can �retire� and bestow specific benefits and perks to new
� Pets - Players will choose a pet to accompany them. Pets can
level up along with the player, and will help in battle, carry items,
and perform a variety of helpful services
� Character Classes - Players will create and customize a
character from one of three classes available, and choose an animal
companion. Through cosmetic choices, skill path decisions, and the
treasures they acquire, each character will be custom-tailored and
� Fishing - Players can take a break from the high-energy pace of
adventuring to visit one of the fishing holes and relax and see what
they can catch. Fish have interesting benefits for the player and pet,
and other rewards can also be discovered
� Included Editor - Runic Games is embracing our modding community
by creating an editor so our players can create and design their own
content. The editor will be available soon
� NEW: 1.15 includes 5 new challenge room maps to test your
bravery and wit! New players can now obtain these maps as rewards for
completing various quests from Vasman in Torchlight. New challenges
await in the Tomb of the Awakened, Estherian Ruins, Dwarven Fortress,
Molten Prison, and Black Palace.
� Code: Option in Settings file to turn off Steam Cloud added
� Code: Settings broke into 2 files. LocalSettings and settings
� Code: Fixed rare teleport crash
� Code: Fix for input latency on low FPS for skills; hotbar skills
and items
� Code: Alric Achievement now works on steam
� Code: Fixed XP not being removed correctly after death if
choosing to respond at the level start
� Code: Passive skills now adhere to equipment requirement
� Code: Fixed rare case when triggers wouldn�t fire correctly
� Code: Texture overrides fixed in paper doll view
� Code: Fixed issue with some looping skills
� Code: Masteries now properly apply to elemental effects
� Content: Root Golem Fire Breath now deals damage
� Content: Ember Bolt had a bad value in higher levels
� Content: Zealot lightning bolt now does damage
� Content: Gem effects accumulating when recovering from socketed
� Content: Sushi Helm Recipe fix
� Content: Added Blind Effect for modders
� Content: New Unittype of Bossmap for modders
� Content: Multiple spelling fixes
� Content: Fixed a few spots where floor tiles where missing or
had the wrong collision set
� Content: Fixed various locations where monsters were getting
stuck in some levels
� Content: Limited Multi-language support added for modders ( tool
coming )
� Content: You can now attach layouts to items � for modders
� Content: You can now have up to 50 waypoints � for modders
� Content: Scale effect can now be permanent � for modders Soul
Rend magic damage scales with strength and magic 50%, 50%
� Content: Doom Quake, Titan Stomp dmg scales with strength 50%
� Content: Needle Arc dot damage scales with strength and dex
100%, 100%
� Content: Ember Lightning additionally deals 20% of weapon damage
on the first chain
� Content: Magic Weapon expertise passive does not interact
strangely with other passives around level 9
� Content: Shock Trap now scales with ranks.
� Content: Flame Trap and Shock Trap now scale with pet mastery.
� Content: Ember Lance no longer stops passive buffs
System: Pentium III 800 MHz or equivalent
RAM: 1024 MB
Hard Drive Space: 500 MB

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