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Download keygen for Advanced Office Password Breaker 3.02 Enterprise with Rainbow tables 3.02

Advanced Office Password Breaker (AOPB) - program to decrypt Word 97/2000 documents and Excel 97/2000, protected by a password for opening the document. The program provides a guaranteed opening a document regardless of the password complexity and length. This is achieved by brute force 40-bit encryption keys. Implemented the removal of protection from the majority (97 per cent stated) Excel documents and nearly 100 percent of Word documents within a few minutes using Rainbow Tables.

Additional Information: * The serial number in the file serial.txt;

* To connect the Rainbow Tables select Options - Rainbow attack and set for Word documents folder Rainbow \ Word, Excel folder for Rainbow \ Excel;

* It is recommended to place the files "rainbow table" on a flash drive, because in the program works with the table in "Random seek", but in this case, the access time of the flash is less than the hard disk.

Year: 2010

Version: 3.02

Developer: ElcomSoft

Bit depth: x32

Compatibility with Vista: complete

Compatible with Windows 7: complete

How to use it:

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  2. For archive unpack it into local folder with WinZip, WinRar or any other archive manager.
  3. Run Advanced_Office_Password_Breaker_3_02_Enterprise_with_Rainbow_tables_3_02_keygen.exe keygen and follow instructions.
  4. Enjoy your software with no limitations!
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