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[PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus

Spyware Doctor with Antivirus is a powerful mechanism for two rapid detection and removal of unknown threats. Anti-Virus protects your computer from malicious software. Protection Unit of spyware helps prevent theft of your own data. The program protects your PC in various ways, including proactive, reactive and automated technology, scanning all the points of possible contamination.
Now includes a memory scanning, profiles and behavior report card that provides reliable protection and constant monitoring of the PC.
Spyware Doctor with Antivirus allows you to work safely on the Internet. ThreatFire technology blocks new threats faster than traditional methods based on signatures. The system keeps track of suspicious activity IntelliGuard programs, finding viruses, spyware, tracking files cookie, suspicious objects ActiveX , programs, browser hijackers, key loggers, Trojan horses, etc.
IMPROVED! Detection System, block and remove malicious files, which received the highest awards and recommendations of independent experts from around the world.
Based on the award-winning technology to protect against spyware Spyware Doctor.
Powerful search technology removes rootkits hidden threats from your PC.
NEW! Module Memory Scanner eliminates more threats.
NEW! Download Guard protects against new threats by checking downloaded files on a distributed (cloud) network.
Multilevel protection of the browser on a variety of types of attacks, including phishing attempts, scare tactics and hidden automatically download malicious software.
Use a combination of black lists and predictive analysis of content.
Site Guard blocks potentially dangerous "phishing" websites and downloading dangerous files through a browser, instant messaging or e-mail.
Cookie Guard automatically removes potentially malicious tracking and advertising a cookie.
Browser Guard blocks the automatic download, fake anti-virus and malicious files entering your computer via infected websites.
IntelliGuard technology keeps track of suspicious activity programs, finding viruses, spyware, tracking files cookie, suspicious objects ActiveX, software, browser hijackers, key loggers, Trojan horses, etc.
IntelliGuard block potential threats before they reach your PC.
Safe box in the world of the Internet
ThreatFire blocks new threats faster than traditional methods based on signatures.
Module Behavior Guard, based on patented technology ThreatFire ActiveDefense, scans and analyzes computer processes, pinpointing and blocking any malicious action.
Smart Updates provide automatic updating of protection in the background, allowing you to detect and block even the newest threats.
International Centre for Research Malware is malicious activity round the clock monitoring and rapid introduction of new technologies to combat the latest malicious designs.
Protection without slowing down
Basic protection, do not obscure the complicated functions.
Set and forget with the default settings that provide optimum protection.
IMPROVED! The small size of the initial load can quickly set up and run defense.
PC Health Profiles accounting program can adapt to the features of a PC, and minimal impact on its speed.
Game Mode automatically detects the launch of the game in full screen mode and does not interrupt the computer at this time.
Energy saving mode puts intensive tasks until the laptop is plugged in, helping to save battery power.
IMPROVED! More control over the scanning speed for optimum PC performance and protection without unnecessary features.
NEW! Ability to disable background scanning for optimal PC performance.
Advanced IntelliGuard , system logs, etc.
Updated: 08/11/2012

Interface: English
Size: 4 MB (online - installer)

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